Marie and I began climbing toward a waterfall located three miles up the side of a moutain, thinking that, if there were any natural place to find a virgin bride, it would be beside the pool at the base of the falls, presumably next to a unicorn. We hadn't proceeded far down the path, when a termite-infested and moss-covered stump caught our attention.

The stump politely inquired after Poison Pie's health, and was astonished when we informed him of our mission. We should have expected the stump's reaction beforehand, but no sooner had we told him, than he murmured word of our mission to the rest of the forest. "Brides will be lining the path to the waterfall," he told us, beaming with pride at his helpfulness.

Marie and I were skeptical that we had done the right thing. Now that the potential brides knew the purpose of our visit, could we trust them to be candid with us?

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