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An Unofficial Keiji Haino Homepage
Interview Sources

arcane candy cover
arcane candy cover

  • Signal to Noise
    This issue contains an article on the blues, with input from Haino, among others.
    Published: Signal to Noise, Issue 43, Fall 2006.
    Article title: The Dark Blues
    Author: Kurt Gottschalk
    pages: 17-21
    language: English

  • G-Modern
    This issue of G-Modern contains a long interview with Haino, including several unpublished photographs. Published: G-Modern, Volume 26, May, 2006.
    Article title: Long Interview
    pages: 10-25
    cover: cover

  • The Wire
    This issue of The Wire has Haino, among many others remembering Derek Bailey. It includes Haino's prayer for the repose of Derek Bailey's soul. Published: The Wire, Issue 264, February, 2006.
    Article title: Live and Invent
    Author: David Toop
    pages: 28-35

  • The Wire
    This issue of The Wire has Haino in its Invisible Jukebox feature, in which a musician is played songs without being told who performs them or what songs they are, and then is asked to identify them or comment on them, or share whatever thoughts come from listening to the music. The interview took place during Haino's visit to the United Kingdom in May, 2005.   
    Published: The Wire, Issue ?, July, 2005.
    Article title: Invisible Jukebox
    Author: Alan Cummings
    pages: ?

  • Blow Up
    This issue of Blow Up contains an interview with Haino. Published: Blow Up, Volume 76, September, 2004.
    Article title: Black Blues
    Interview: Alan Cummings
    Translation: Stefano I. Bianchi
    Language: Italian
    pages: 22-27

  • Arcane Candy
    This issue (No. 2) of the zine contains reviews of seven Haino albums, including one that first appeared in the reviews database of this website.
    Published: Arcane Candy, January 2003
    Garry Davis
    Arcane Candy Magazine
    PO Box 581
    Lake Forest, CA 92609
    cost: $4 in U.S. ($8 international)
    The first issue of Arcane Candy (No. 1) is sold out. No copies left for sale. Please don't send money for it.

  • Revue & Corrigee
    This issue contains an interview of Fushitsusha, presumably Haino and Yasushi Ozawa. Date and location of the interview is unknown.   
    Published: Revue & Corrigee, Issue ???, December, 2002.
    Article title: ???
    Author: Michel Henritzi
    pages: ???
    language: French

  • The Wire
    This issue contains a lengthy interview of Haino by Alan Cummings conducted during Le Weekend Festival in Stirling, Scotland on April 27 & 28, 2002.   
    Published: The Wire, Issue 221, July, 2002.
    Article title: When The Music's Over
    Author: Alan Cummings
    pages: 32-37

  • Salt
    This issue of the zine (Issue Three) contains an interview with Haino conducted in Dublin during Haino's visit there in April of 2001.   
    Published: Salt, June 2001
    Contact:    Kevin McCaighy.
    The price is 2 sterling or $5 in U.S. dollars.    No need to send postage or envelopes either.    Address to:
    Kevin McCaighy
    4 Bollans Court
    YO1 7QB

  • Arcane Candy
    This issue of the zine is dedicated to reviews of Haino albums, including 65 reviews.
    Published: Arcane Candy, July 2000
    Garry Davis
    Arcane Candy
    P.O. Box 230370
    Encinitas, California 92023
    cost: $5 in U.S. ($6 international)
    The first issue of Arcane Candy (No. 1) is sold out. No copies left for sale. Please don't send money for it.

  • Malignant Neoplasm
    Interview with Boris
    Some references to Haino
    interview dated Winter, 1999
    interviewer: Malignant Neoplasm
    Published: Malignant Neoplasm, 1999
    Contact: Malignant Neoplasm, 25 S Church Rd #62, Maple Shade, NJ 08052

  • Guitar Player
    Interview/article with Haino on playing the guitar by Alan Cummings
    Published: Guitar Player, Issue 331, Vol. 31, No. 7, July, 1997.
    Article title: Land of the Rising Sound: The Terror and Glory of Japanese Noise Guitar
    Author: Mike Rowell
    pages: 52-62
    Contents: Discussions of the guitar playing of Seiichi Yamamoto of Boredoms, Ichiro Agata of Melt Banana, K.K. Null of Zeni Geva, Kazuhisa Uchihashi of Altered States, and Masahiko Ohno of Solmania.
    The article on Haino is actually a small companion article by Alan Cummings on page 57, titled: Keiji Haino Japan's Avant-Rock Hurricane.

  • opprobrium
    Interview with Maki Miura, Yasushi Ozawa, Jun Kosugi (of Fushitsusha et al.)
    by Alan Cummings (p. 28-36)
    Interview with Kan Mikami (of Vajra, Live in the first year of the Heisei, and solo)
    by Alan Cummings (p. 40-55)
    Interview with Ashito Nanjo (of Highrise, Musica Transonic, Mainliner, et al.)
    by Alan Cummings (p. 56-70)
    All three interviews make reference to Haino.
    Published: opprobrium, Issue 3, December, 1996, New Zealand.
    The complete contents of issue 3 are on-line at: the opprobrium Magazine Web Site

  • halana
    Interview by Alan Cummings
    Published: halana, Issue 2, December, 1996.
    The magazine will also come with a free CD
    featuring an exclusive hurdy-gurdy track.
    For more information contact Chris Rice at the halana Magazine Web Site

  • The Wire
    "Enter the black fire" Interview by Biba Kopf
    Published: The Wire, Issue 151, September 1996, pp. 20-23.
    The Wire has a web site listing in which issues Haino/Fushitsusha
    Interviews/Reviews are located. Full text of article is located here.

  • browbeat
    "Haino Keiji Interview" Interview is unattributed.
    Published: browbeat, Issue 2, June, 1996, pp. 29-32.

  • Ben Is Dead
    "Keiji Haino! Yo soy que yo soy" Interview by Dan Bolles
    Published: Ben is Dead, Issue 24, Summer, 1994, pp. 90-92.

    "Haino Interview Part One" Interview by Koichiro Sakamoto & Masakazu Nakajima
    Published: G-MODERN, Issue 2, 1993, pp. 11,29.
    "Fushitusha Interview" Interview by Koichiro Sakamoto & Masakazu Nakajima
    Published: G-MODERN, Issue 2, 1993, pp. 42-51.
    "Haino Interview Part Two" Interview by Koichiro Sakamoto & Masakazu Nakajima
    Published: G-MODERN, Issue 3, 1993, pp. 9,15.

  • Imperial Theatre
    Volume 5
    The magazine is exclusively about the band, These. The magazine has a long interview with Haino and Ishizuka. The magazine also has some short interviews with members of These (including a short self-interview with the group's leader Takahashi Yoshiaki). The Haino interview was conducted on Sept 21, 1991 and Nov 30 at Haino's house. There are some photos of the gig he played with These (June 29, 1991 at Lazyways, Koenji, Tokyo).
    The magazine included a cassette: (listed in the discography under collaborations.
    Side A: Keiji Haino & Toshi Ishizuka
    Side B: more improv with members of These. (No Haino).
    date of publication: 31 March 1992.
    edition: 550 copies.
    cost: 1000 yen.

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