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Tenshi no gijinka

All lyrics written by Keiji Haino

challenge to fate picture(2)
photo: Wakui Hiromi


What you would be able to know here
what you could possibly know here
is that there is something existing
that's all


only myself
only myself
is what keeps scraping off
only myself
keeps scraping off
and (the message) that (there is) "nothing"
is being kept on reverberating
that's all


when I was searching for my raison d'etre
I bumped into the thing called "compensation"
(it is) already existing
the bleeding consciousness
that has been always existing

my internal awareness that gushes out
the mutual vibration between one from my center
and the curse spitted out from the established form

that is
a joy
of being ended up with praying
forever and ever
the lead for not repeating
the leadership for let not repeating

is this how it is like
to be made to look
at the state of the universal collapsing?

here one cannot percieve nor recognize cognition
the concept at outside of time

flashes the "beginning" and the "end"

my breath admitted from the spine
toward all the directions
wishing to seep into everything

amortization of the ever parallel movements
of a profound sorrow born as the universe began
and the pleasure of the flesh spreads
toward the whole

my soul already by this baptism
is unwittingly made to wish to become either of





a well-devised trap