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An Unofficial Keiji Haino Homepage
Fushitsusha - Live I

All lyrics written by Keiji Haino
English Translations by Matthew Pendleton

disc one

1. There

even if there
and here draw near
even if there
invites here
I will certainly find that gap
and enter -
Your wound is too bright to invite me

This me wants to be allowed
to live in your nerves
to tickle your brainís insides
alter your consciousness
Such a pretty tiny wound of
      Such a pretty tiny wound
           is necessary

2. Code

If with this hand I could reach him and stop his blood
then this sadness would be heavy and come with more speed . . . . . .

Discard human code become the code called s o u l
if called by someone
that one
like a fragment of magic
this step like a dance
I was taught
this one kindness

disc two

2. Floating

Let us fall
I want to go with you
Before anyone will notice
To be with you, unable to discover
The secrets with you no-one can know
As I want the power of here, you will go

Drifting, floating, ah! to be floating

The spirit born earlier than this hour said 'I am about to go to a place that is not there'
I want you to fall with me
This is good,
That is my friend
That shines more dazzling than the light

Drifting, Floating,ah! to be floating
More than before,
Very light
Already, that power has been lost.