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Origin's Hesitation

All lyrics written by Keiji Haino
English Translations by Matthew Pendleton and Mio



It seems likely


mystery may be gathered



1. In an Instant, Vanished, the First Echo

You who once drew close, expected to become far



2. Origin's Hesitation

The wound       swimming       in the midst of joy

lays bare the nerves

entangling       who       is it       you only

what       is       sad       sad       sad       sad?



3. Two Exist

Trap            Trap           
Trap            Trap            Trap           

           That, contrived by who?            Trap            Trap           

           What is their number?           
Trap            Trap



4. This One, Thus
           That One, Thus

As usual betrayal

approaches me hidden

wanting nothing, nothing



5. The shadow now becoming manifest

This approximation of a wound suits me

                      (from the other side)

staining, infecting, oozing thing

staining this shadow now manifesting


for wisdom to be blessed

by an echo

waiting and waiting . . .

yearning for that faint trace of kindness

still continuing to be

the shape of a dream replaced our choice of

                                                       all shadows

                                                       every body

                                                       all things