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Keeping on breathing

All lyrics written by Keiji Haino
English Translations by Alan Cummings

keeping on breathing picture
photo: Hiromi Wakui

keeping on breathing sleeve 1. Where is it

Where is it
Where is it hidden
My favorite
Not waiting for anyone
Keeping on breathing
Just for something

2. My shadow

Meaning meaning
Because it was born
Because meaning was born
If meaning is born
Form is born
Here, a dream ...
Which is you
Which is night
Within every echo
Hidden my shadow

3. There

Even if here and there draw near
I will find that gap
And enter in
No matter how deep I enter
Even if I come to know the depth of your wound
I care not

4. Wafting

I'm floating wafting
Much further down than before
A place where no one wants to go
That's fine if that satisfies you
Ah, to be here forever
No one's fault only your woes
Falling wafting
I mean to go where I can see the bottom
This is enough this is my way
I am resolved
I can still endure it
If it goes on like this if there's this much pain
If there's this much humiliation
To know the trap set from the beginning
The gift given to me
Because I am in the midst of this much pain I will come to see it
Yes this is what
Grief is I need nothing
Shouldn't have existed from the start someone just made it
Falling wafting just going on falling
Further down I know not where the bottom is

5. Here

Now departs just once
That one who longed for the light
That one who thought he had understood everything
Although he will return here
Offering up dreams in the darkness
is all he can fulfill only one method
An overflowing scarlet scarlet thing that flowed
Sometime will change to real gold
Because you have wings, you wish to say, "again"
Because you have a head, you think
Because you have hands, you want to love
Even saying there is nothing is a lie
Only saying that everything "is"
is permitted is permitted
I am here
Before here, where were you?
A better place than here, that guiding light
It was you?

6. A code

If you are to tempt me
That scarlet thing that flows within you
Match it to my black
Holding hands with fully cold madness
Discard human form, become that code called soul
Something wanting something longing for something
There's nowhere everyone's soul can be saved
Place your wishes on your prayer
Discard human form, a vibration equal to that called soul
Let's become that vibration called soul

7. You

You who died
How are you different from we who go on living
Even if just you give up
The meaning of here's existence vanishes
Softly softly murderous intent
Soft well-sharpened awakening