An Unofficial Keiji Haino Homepage -- Lyrics

An Unofficial Keiji Haino Homepage

All lyrics written by Keiji Haino
English Translations uncredited


still unable to throw off that teaching
          a heart left abandoned

unable to get inside that empty space
          nerves freezing

that unconcealed sadness

i am still unable to fully



ready and waiting
ready and tired of waiting

          this happiness

hovers for a while       opaque
proffered       waiting

it will not be something for
          just one person


invited in
     practically drawn in by something

     facing the exit of this hiding place
     who is it? that went in
          coming around again the same as before
               who is it?


an acute sensitivity is
   not simply a "madness"
an acute sensitivity
   to the resonance of "i love you"

teaches us just a little something
it's not that we can't do something
it's just that we haven't done it yet

an acute sensitivity
   "Truly, I've go to do something"
      this is what is desired

      your speed    is something    I want
      your speed    shifts something    just a little
      this crazed    something

does it truly    feel    comfortable
         in the middle