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Ama No Gawa (Milky Way)

All lyrics written by Keiji Haino
English Translations by Alan Cummings

Milky Way cover
cover design: Keiji Haino

is this what it means
to be shown
the way that each and every thing     collapses into ruin?

here     recognition     cannot perceive or remember
a concept     outside of time that

     offers up glimpses     alternately
     of "the beginning" and "the end"

from the spinal cord     emitting     in every direction
a breath     that wishes     to blur into everything

the eternal geometric translation of installments:
of that deep sorrow     from when the universe began, and
the joy     of when the flesh     is crushed and scattered towards all

already     because of this baptism     my soul

finds itself forced into the plight of wishing to become either :


                         this audaciously plotted trap.............