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  • Musiques Japonaises Indépendantes des Années 90
    English translation of title: Japanese Independent Music of the 1990s
    release date: November 1998
    Publisher: Musea Mag in association with Sonore and Art Zero Magazine
    Language: French
    pages: 128
    cover: soft cover
    photography: Black and white
    ISSN: 1245-3692
    Publisher Contact:

    Musea - Production and Distribution
    138 rue de Vallières
    57070 Metz, France

    This book aims to be an encyclopedia of Japanese Independent Music from the 1990s. The book comes with two exclusive cds. The first is of Japanese Independent Music. The second disc contains Japanese progressive rock. The track listing for the first cd follows.
      [disc one: 90's Japanese Independent Musics]
    1. Hoppy Kamiyama - fantasm*b
    2. Haco- moonlight in glory
    3. Bondage Fruit - prayer
    4. Kondo Tatsuo - chrome yellow
    5. Trembling Strain - funeral song II
    6. Ruins - regard de l'esprit de joie (Messiaen)
    7. Tetsuo Furudate - la jetée
    8. Gaji - hungry children
    9. Yuko Nexus6 - henachoko clock
    10. Acid Mother Temple - hello eskmo or polyhedric MU
    11. Soh Band - humble paranoia
    12. Keiji Haino - voice & electrik percussion (05:14)
    13. Filament - a moonshine affair

    14. [disc two: Le Meilleur du Rock Progressif Japonais]

    Musiques Japonaises Indépendantes cover
    cover design: Jérémy Huylebroeck

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