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  • Yuji Itsumi
    title: Jiyu no ishi
    English translation of title: Free Will
    photography: Yuji Itsumi
    text: Yuji Itsumi
    Kawase Megura
    Oki Tateo
    Iwabuchi Satoshi
    book design: Naga Takeshi
    release date: February 1, 2003
    Publisher: P.S.F. Co. Ltd.
    Language: Japanese
    Edition: 500 Copies
    pages: 124
    cover: soft cover
    photography: Black and white
    ISBN: 4-901478-93-1
    Publisher Contact:

    P.S.F. Co. Ltd.
    Terada Building, 2F
    2-45-11 Matsubara, Setagaya-Ku
    Tokyo 156-0043 JAPAN

    This book contains photographs of various musicians associated with the PSF label as well as European and American collaborators. The book is in Japanese only. The book comes with a cd of exclusive tracks by people whom Itsumi has photographed.
    1. Kazuo Imai - percussion (08:23)
    2. Motoharu Yoshizawa - bass (08:29)
    3. Yoshihide Otomo - electronics (07:13)
    4. Derek Bailey - guitar(02:52)
    5. Toshiaki Ishizuka - percussion (04:48)
    6. Keiji Haino - voice and sampler (07:36)
    7. Hiroshi Kawani - voice and more (08:03)
    8. Chie Mukai - voice, piano, percussion (06:34)
    9. Kan Mikami & Masayoshi Urabe - voice, guitar & sax(08:03)

    Yuji Itsumi cover
    cover photo: Yuji Itsumi

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