They said it shouldn't be done. Who in their right mind, when suddenly approached with a request to immediately record a cd by a five-year-old with no previous musical instruction would acquiesce? Had the child prepared a set of songs? No he had not. Had the child brought any instruments? Need you ask? Had the thought of recording a cd even occured to the child more than a few seconds before he made the request? In all likelihood, no. Then, we ask again, who would embark on such an ill-formed endeavor? Yes, you guessed it--none other than the director of Music To Lose Money By, a recording house and a wholly owned subsidiary of the media conglomerate, the Poison Pie Publishing House would, that's who.

Recorded in less than an hour within a few minutes of its conception, this is music that embodies spontaneity and a frivolity that is second-nature to only a five-year-old. In these songs one finds wrapped in the quirky imagination of a child, at times tenderness, fear of the dark, zany fabrications of the truth, trust in one's parents and a vision of the world that lives only in innocence.
           --Music To Lose Money By





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