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The Mushroomnomicon
review by R.F. Ochs
July 27, 2013

I love stories that give me a firm foundation in a personal introduction to the main characters. As the story progresses it permits me a vicarious view that I can live with these heroes without emoting and still feel their every fear of doom and joy of victory. Bworf the Dwarf is my favorite. You just know of his sacred honor and integrity by looking into his eyes.

The epic is well written and documented in all the reality journals. The pictorial style of bringing to fore the love and fear, one might think the story is too good to be true.

The existential philosopher, Jean Paul Sartre, said, "That what appears to be--is," or something similar. There are those who say the Mushroomnomicans and their associates don't exist. Well, let them think that but we know better, don't we? It's just like Common Core trying to jam down the throats of all students the one and only standardized revisionist history text book. In it Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin were nefarious nymphs. We all know of course that in 1776 CE (not AD--that might step on someone's sensitivities) Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin were the greatest ping pong champs of all times.

Thanks to Rod Serling and Gene Roddenberry, we are able to perceive the parallel universe. We all know that Planet Mushroomnomicon (or Planet M for short) exists in the Contra Subwave of Lower Bworforte section #1.618339887 galaxy. From the photo you can see that the Mushroomnomicans truly exist but the environment of water and trees would be just too hostile to sustain lives. Therefore--the parallel universe.

I am completely enamored with the imagination of the author, David Keffer. Each character could be a stand alone star. With any one of them he could create an unending story. Where does one get such wonderful ideas?

I am 83 years old and I love the story. I would love this story even more if I were 8.3 years old.

R F Ochs
Ft. Myers, Florida