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My Daughter's Cities
review by H.E. Gorton
July 13, 2013

A work of unparalleled excellence, this book possesses a fascinating depth of metaphor and a heart felt and informative plot

Mr. Keffer has crafted an amazing book. He explores a father's relationship with his daughter through a series of well constructed and intriguing cities, each representing a misunderstanding between him and his daughter. There are many, many things that make this book wonderful. Metaphor flows through this story as clear fresh water moves through a vast aquifer. It is of great depth and volume, but clear and good when you bring it up from the story. The imagery and the apparent levels of symbolism leave you feeling as though you have caught a glimpse of a veiled truth if only for a second. I have read nothing like it. It also presents a heart warming story of a father's struggle. One can gather much from that as well. The narrator lays out his attempt to better know his daughter through a series of artfully described and meaningful cities, each connected with behaviors the father did not understand. I could go on trying to explain the multi-leveled contours and complexities of this book, but it is like a person, it possesses great depth and and complexity and is charming and interesting, a good friend. However you must go on a journey like the author to understand this person. So READ THE BOOK, embark on a journey of understanding.

H.E. Gorton
Phoenix, Arizona