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The Faerienomicon
review by H.E. Gorton
March 18, 2014

My uncle, Dr. Keffer, has finished composing and assembling his latest endeavor under the artistic direction of his daughter, Ruth Marie Keffer. For those of an imaginative disposition, this is a full color invitation to a detailed account of Faerie, colored with legend and a touch of mysticism. More information is available here, on the official publishing house website. The author of this blog was lucky enough to receive a preliminary copy of the book about which he proceeded to make false accusations of grammatical impropriety. The author of this blog is still musing over the complexity of this newest publication.

The text itself has great depth imparting one with a sense of place and pleasure in the goings on of an altogether distant imagination. The author of this blog prides himself on the capabilities of his imaginations and its ability to make real for his mind words and texts. This book is no exception to that experience of literature. It is full color in spirit and in body.

H.E. Gorton
Phoenix, Arizona