Music Reviews from the Staff of the Poison Pie Publishing House


December 19, 2015
Seijaku: Last Live
As many know, the Poison Pie Publishing House has hosted An Unofficial Keiji Haino Website since 1995. Some portion of the enjoyment in maintaining such a resource is associated with picking up each new experiment in Haino's discography (currently numbering about 230 recordings) as it is released. Haino is absolutely a practitioner of non-idiomatic improvisation. In thinking about a favorite release of 2015, the staff of the Poison Pie Publishing House settled on the double cd, titled Last Live by Seijaku (meaning silence), a trio which featured Haino on guitar and voice, Mitsuru Nasuno on bass and Yoshimitsu Ichiraku on drums. Due to health issues of Ichiraku, the performances of Seijaku have come to a premature end. This final live show captures the trio at their peak. The release features Haino's unique blend of unabashed rock-inspired non-idiomatic improvisation, his electric guitar pyrotechnics and his frantic, shouted vocals coupled to a rhythm section that embraces a rhythm that defies all attempts to have the underlying patterns recognized! Recorded on December 24, 2012 at Club Goodman in Tokyo, it is our favorite new record of 2015. It is released on the independent Japanese label, doubt music.