Character Sheets: Librarian Party (June, 2017)

This page contains character sheets, created by the staff of the Poison Pie Publishing House, for the Pathfinder role-playing game. This party features one class, the librarian, from the Poison Pie Publishing House, compatible with the Pathfinder role-playing game.. This party features races from the Pathfinder Bestiary 6, Inner Sea Bestiary, Advanced Races Guide and Core Rule Book. One member of the party has had a template applied from the Advanced Bestiary.

The Community of Librarians exists across the face of Golarion. Provided below are five sample librarians, including the iconic librarian. These five librarians each hail from a different continent (the Syrinx from Acadia, the Strix from Avistan, the Vishkanya from Casmaron, the Monkey Goblin from Garund and the Human from Tian Xia).

  • Pertikis, Monkey GoblinB6 Librarian (Physiology) (Iconic)
    Pertikis was raised in the Laughing Jungle of Sargava, Garund. At an early age, his anomalous disposition among monkey goblins became clear. His first encounter with a library occured at the Colonial Archives in nearby Eleder. There Pertikis was allowed to be educated by the local librarians, in hopes that he might form a communication bridge with the inhabitants of the Laughing Jungle and serve as an emissary to end their sporadic attacks on Eleder. The denizens of the jungle proved unwilling to accept Pertikis as one of their own. Their rejection meant little to him as he had already found his place among the Community of Librarians.

  • Wahuhi, SyrinxISB Librarian (Psychiatry)
    Wahuhi orginally studied to be a priest in the Temples of the Syrinx, the race of owl-like beings who inhabit monastery-cities in the high cliffs of the Eastern coasts of Acadia. However, he proved repeatedly unable to contrain his thirst for knowledge to those topics deemed acceptable by the Syrinx priesthood. Expelled from the seminary, Wahuhi became a librarian, where he lorded over a host of enslaved strix docents, laboring under his instruction to pursue knowledge sacred and profane.

  • Jhera, VishkanyaARG Librarian (Metaphysics)
    Jhera was a member of the Vishkanya minority in Radripal, the capital city of the Danamsa mahajanapada in the nation of Vudra, Casmaron. The rigid social structure of Radripal did not allow the young Vishkanyan, who were looked upon with suspicion, the opportunity to pursue her intellectual interests. However, on nocturnal forays, she surreptitiously accessed the Archive of the Known, Radripal's largest library, situated near the campus of Prandreh University. When she was eventually caught, the library faculty were sufficiently impressed with her demonstration of the knowledge she had acquired that they not only dropped all charges but invited her to pursue her studies in an official capacity.

  • Uwetsiageyv, StrixARG Librarian (Multidisciplinary Studies)
    Uwetsiageyv (u-WAY-chee-uh-GAY-un) was an orphan among the Strix who dwell in Devil's Perch in western Cheliax, Avistan. While not much more than a child, she fled the orphanage and sought her own way in the wide world. It is rumored that she was educated for a time among an isolated group of cloud giants, who lived far out at sea and thought of Uwetsiageyv as a man might think of a pet parakeet. Uwetsiageyv established her own library, The Ornithological Collection of Uwetsiageyv, in which all books had taken the form of birds. The location of this library is unknown, though visitors indicate that the constellations visible above it do not correspond to those of Golarion. She is the creator of the series of spells that bear her name. At some point well into her adventuring career, Uwetsiageyv became invested of an unknown Agathion.

  • Hong Samud, Human Librarian (Linguistics)
    "Little is known of Hong Samud other than that he was a swarthy, diminutive man who hailed from a tropical archipelago and who pursued a life as a professional academician in foreign lands until he lost the appetite for such endeavors."PPPH:TOCU Based upon his appearance and the accent of his words, some have guessed that he originally hailed from Atas Pulu or somewhere else in the Wandering Isles of Minata, Tian Xia. However, those islands have no reputation for erudition, so the details of his origin and education remain speculative. It is known that he was the first to introduce knowledge of the Portable Library to his fellow librarians, who eventually gathered to form the Community of Librarians. To be sure, Hong Samud did not create the Portable Library in its entirety. He merely connected our particular parallel universe to the growing repository that was already under development by parallel versions of Hong Samud and perhaps other librarians dwelling in distant dimensions. Despite his position as Head Librarian, Hong Samud is a humble and unassuming man, possessed of modest charisma and poorly suited to high places. He is the creator of a variety of spells, including the series of spells that bear his name.

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