The Mushroomnomicon: Character Sheets

The Mushroomnomicon, an illustrated book for kids and adventurous adults, written by the Keffer family and published by the Poison Pie Publishing House follows the exploits of a band of six adventurers. In addition to their literary descriptions provided in the book, these characters have also been represented as fingerpuppets. These characters had their origins in the role-playing games of the authors. Below, we provide character sheets of the six characters. We accept that these sheets provide only a snapshot of characters who evolved from being novice adventures to the champions of justice that they would later become. These sheets correspond to a period in time when they were journeyman adventurers of level 9 or 10.

In addition to reclaiming the Mushroomnomicon from the dragon of the White Wasteland, other significant adventures under the belts of the characters include ridding The Lost City from the plague known as Zargon and plundering the Obsidian Spires in the ruins of Vor Rukoth Of particular note, the magical spore burst weaponry and equipment of the party were a gift from Poison Pie, leader of the Myconids (mushroom people) living in the lost city beneath the ziggurat in which Zargon dwelt. These cherished treasures of the Myconids were bestowed in appreciation for the slaying of Zargon.

Character Sheets: (in pdf format) (at about 10th level)

After the creation of these sheets, this party completed other adventures including The Seven Wondrously Replicating Elemental Coins, A Bride for Chubbernut, and The Shadow Mephit's Coin modules.

Character Sheets: (in pdf format) (at 15th & 16th level)

Note: These character sheets are non-editable print-outs of the excellent, editable character sheets available at GNO Gaming.

Note: There are another set of unrelated character histories and sheets for a party of first-level adventurers here.

An alternate representation of the party

During one campaign, this party looted Vor Rukoth, the ruined capital of the fallen, ancient Tiefling empire. During that campaign the party discovered a matching set of six rings of undead appearance, which allowed them to assume undead forms so that they could pass through hordes of undead without attracting undue notice. (These skulls came from Crazy Bricks.)

Here we find the party on Christmas morning with bling obtained from the Crazy Bricks Munchkin Kickstarter campaign.

Here we find the party with heads and equipment obtained from the Crazy Bricks Mouse Guard Kickstarter campaign and capes and hoods obtained from Cape Madness.