Dramatis Personae
Hebeloma's Swamp Fantasy Overture
realized as Shrinky Dinks of Legos
by the Staff of the Poison Pie Publishing House
January 2, 2021

The staff of the Poison Pie Publishing House rendered the principal characters of the new non-idiomatic improvisation novella/musical score as shrinky dinks.

There are nine instruments called for in the score of Hebeloma's Swamp Fantasy Overture. Each instrument is associated with a character in the novella. Preliminary representations of eight of the characters are shown above. The ninth role, that of narrator, is not shown.


The images were drawn in black marker on sheets of polystyrene, the common polymeric material for shrinky dinks. The back sides were sanded then colored with a combination of markers and pencils.


One dedicated member of the PPPH staff labored over a hot oven to shrink them. This time we used a matte sheet, so on the front of the tablets the colors are muted.


For those who prefer brighter, more abstract figural representations, we show the back side as well.


We then strung the pieces together and hung it up near the entry to the Poison Pie Publishing House.


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