Women of Conan (1935-2021)
(alternate version)
by Staff of the Poison Pie Publishing House

The staff of the Poison Pie Publishing House continue their art project in which they render scenes from various books in shrinky dink form. One member of the staff is a lifelong fan of works from the popular science fiction and fantasy genres. He has suggested a direction for a set of shrinky dink mobiles that pay homage to four masters of the forms.

On this page, we present a mobile of four female characters from the Hyborian Age created by R.E. Howard. These characters all interacted with Howard's most famous protagonist, Conan the Barbarian, to one extent or another. In this alternate version, we present a second group of four women, less well-known than those included in the first version.

Three of the images included here are based on covers from various comic book series and one is from Weird Tales.


  • character: Atali
  • cover artist: Peach Momoko
  • title: The Cimmerian: The Frost Giant's Daughter (2020)
  • issue: #1 of 3
  • cover: A cover
  • publisher: Ablaze
  • publication date: November, 2020
  • original appearance: The Frost Giant's Daughter
  • note: This story was rejected by Weird Tales. A revised version in which Conan's name is changed to "Amra of Akbitana" and the story retitled as "The Gods of the North" was published in The Fantasy Fan in March, 1934. The original version was not published during Howard's lifetime.

  • character: Princess Yasmina
  • cover artist: Ejikure
  • title: The Cimmerian: People of the Black Circle (2020)
  • issue: #2 of 3
  • cover: A cover
  • publisher: Ablaze
  • publication date: October, 2020
  • original appearance: People of the Black Circle (Weird Tales, serialized from September to November, 1934)
  • note: Devi Yasmina was kidnapped by Conan as a hostage, whom he intended to exchange for seven Afghuli warriors imprisoned in a Vendhyan fortress. His plan went awry and Yasmina was forced to flee across the wild hills as Conan's captive. She eventually enlisted his aid in challenging the Black Seers of Yimsha, the sorcerors responsible for her brother's death.

  • character: Zabibi (Nafertari in disguise)
  • cover artist: Margaret Brundage
  • title: Shadows in Zamboula
  • issue: #1 of 1
  • cover: A Cover
  • periodical title: Weird Tales
  • publication date: November, 1935
  • original appearance: Shadows in Zamboula (Weird Tales, November 1935)
  • note: Conan discovered Zabibi naked in the streets at night after curfew, when cannibals searched for solitary victims. Rescuing her, she convinced Conan to find her lover, entranced into madness, then to assassinate the the high priest of Hanuman, responsible for inducing his insanity. Ulimately, she revealed herself to be Nafertari, mistress of the satrap of Zamboula.

  • character: Olivia
  • cover artist: Leirix Li
  • title: The Cimmerian: Iron Shadows in the Moon (2021)
  • issue: #2 of 3
  • cover: A cover
  • publisher: Ablaze
  • publication date: May, 2021
  • original appearance: Shadows in the Moonlight (Weird Tales, April, 1934)
  • note: Olivia was sold by her father into slavery and ended up in the harem of Shah Amurath of Akif. She fled and encountered Conan. The two escaped onto a boat ending up on a small island in the Vilayet Sea. Unbeknownst to them, the island contains a monster in the jungle, haunted statues in ruins, and blood-thirsty pirates to boot.

A shrinky dink mobile on a Thursday afternoon in April at the Poison Pie Publishing House.

Peach Momoko Ejikure
Margaret Brundage Lesley "Leirix" Li



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