Illustrations of Red Sonja (2013-2021)
(alternate version)
by Staff of the Poison Pie Publishing House

The staff of the Poison Pie Publishing House continue their art project in which they render scenes from various books in shrinky dink form. One member of the staff is a lifelong fan of works from the popular science fiction and fantasy genres. He has suggested a direction for a set of shrinky dink mobiles that pay homage to four masters of the forms.

On this page, we present a mobile of a character from the Hyborian Age created by R.E. Howard. Red Sonja first appeared in the short story, The Shadow of the Vulture (1934). She re-emerged in the 1970's in comic book form published by Marvel under various titles including Conan the Barbarian and Red Sonja: She-Devil with a Sword. It was in these latter books, that Red Sonja's trademark chain-mail (actually scale-mail) bikini was introduced and her reputation established as the "fiercest fighting female in fantasy".

The four images included here are taken from various Red Sonja series published by Dynamite Entertainment.


  • cover artist: Jenny Frison
  • title: Red Sonja (2013)
  • issue: #10 of 18
  • cover: A cover
  • publication date: June, 2014

  • cover artist: Mel Rubi
  • title: Red Sonja Unchained (2013)
  • issue: #3 of 4
  • cover: B variant
  • publication date: June, 2013

  • cover artist: Jae Lee
  • title: Red Sonja (2019)
  • issue: #23 of 28
  • cover: A cover
  • publication date: January, 2021

  • cover artist: Derrick Chew
  • title: Red Sonja (2016)
  • issue: #21 of 25
  • cover: NYCC 2018 retailer exclusive variant
  • publication date: September, 2018

A shrinky dink mobile in late March at the Poison Pie Publishing House.

Jenny Frison Mel Rubi
Jae Lee Derrick Chew

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