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Hebeloma's Clockwise Cadenza
Hebeloma Crustuliniforme
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December 1, 2023
There was naught for Melanippe to map on the borderless expanse of sea. Shearwaters and black-headed gulls cried out to be immortalized on her parchment but she heeded not their pleas. Conversely, a pod of dolphins leapt from the sea and begged her to keep secret the location of their passing lest unprincipled men be led by her hand to their marine refuge. To their wish she complied. A lone sea turtle, swimming just below the surface, paid her no mind, seemingly indifferent to the cartographer's anxiety as she traveled with great reservation back to the Greek mainland.

written while listening to:  You Had Me At Hello - Meet Ab Baars & Michael Moore (Tonometer Music, TONOM101, 2010, Denmark, 7", & Meet Oliver Lake (Tonometer Music, TONOM102, 2010, Denmark, 7",

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