A Red Sonja Cover Gallery CMXCIX:
Unplaced Issues

This is the temporary installment in our Red Sonja themed cover galleries, continuing from the first gallery. Below, we present numerous selected covers that have not been featured on any other gallery on this site.


  • title: Red Sonja: She-Devil with a Sword (2005)
  • publisher: Dynamite
  • cover artist: Mel Rubi
  • writers: Michael Avon Oeming & Mike Carey
  • artist: Mel Rubi
  • issue: #01 of 80
  • release date: June, 2005
  • cover: Dynamic Forces retailer exclusive sketch variant
  • commentary: In the very first issue of the inaugural Dynamite series, there Mel Rubi had multiple Dynamic Forces variants. We are not aware of a color version of this sketch being published.






  • title: Red Sonja (2015)
  • publisher: Dynamite
  • cover artist: Ed Benes
  • writers: Gail Simone, Eric Trautmann, Roy Thomas, Michael Avon Oeming & Luke Lieberman
  • artists: Dave Acosta, Pablo Marcos, Taki Soma, Noah Salonga & Sergio Fernandez Davila
  • issue: #100 (one-shot)
  • release date: February, 2015
  • cover: A cover


  • title: Li'l Sonja
  • publisher: Dynamite
  • cover artist: Agnes Garbowska
  • writer: Jim Zub
  • artist: Joel Carroll
  • issue: #1 of 5
  • release date: January, 2014
  • cover: B variant


  • title: Red Sonja and Vampirella meet Betty and Veronica (2019)
  • publisher: Dynamite
  • cover artist: Robert Hack
  • writer: Amy Chu
  • artist: Maria Sanapo
  • issue: #2 of 12
  • release date: June, 2019
  • cover: B variant
  • commentary: Robert Hack drew the B variants for every issues except for the first issue for which he drew the C variant. All of his creative covers appeared as vintage items--either video tapes, newspapers or as in this case a vinyl seven inch single. Of the five artists who drew covers for each issue, he was one of two male artists.



  • title: Red Sonja: Age of Chaos (2020)
  • publisher: Dynamite
  • cover artist: Ariel Diaz
  • writer: Erik Burnham
  • artist: Jonathan Lau
  • issue: #5 of 6
  • release date: July, 2020
  • cover: ComicXposure retailer exclusive variant
  • commentary: Ariel Diaz created one exclusive variant for the penultimate issue. This covers includes Red Sonja, Vampirella and Purgatory in a landscape mode on a single cover. The same three figures were published on separate, connecting covers to #15 of Red Sonja (2019), #10 of Vampirella (2019) and #7 of Vengeance of Vampirella (2019). See the connecting gallery.

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