An Unofficial Keiji Haino Homepage -- Recent News -- 1999

An Unofficial Keiji Haino Homepage
Recent News -- 1999

November 11, 1999 Update
Forthcoming Releases:  The new Shoji Hano & Keiji Haino release, "The Strange Face" is slated for a January, 2000 release.  The titles and cd information are listed in the forthcoming section of the discography.
October 19, 1999 Update
Forthcoming Releases:  The Fushitsusha release on Paratactile now has a projected release date for next month, November.

Forthcoming Releases:  On their website, Alien8 is now listing a planned double cd release of new solo material by Haino.  No release date given.
September 9, 1999 Update
Forthcoming Releases:  The new Fushitsusha release will be a 2 cd release on Paratactile.   PSF intends to release a new Aihiyo cd sometime in the relatively near future.

U.S. Tour:  The updated dates and venues for the October-November visit of Haino to the U.S. has been posted. The dates and locations are given in the Live Section.
July 29, 1999 Update
Magazine:  Halana Issue # 4 contains a Motoharu Yoshizawa tribute. Haino has contributed a short anecdote to the piece.

Magazine:  The Wire (August 1999) contains an article on Japanese psychedelic music by Alan Cummings. The article does mention Haino.

U.S. Tour:  It appears that Fushitsusha intends to perform in the U.S. in November 1999. The tentative dates and locations are given in the Live Section.
June 11, 1999 Update
Expected Release:  PSF plans to release a new studio Fushitsusha recording in Autumn, 1999.

Live Performance:  On June 27, 1999 at La Mama, Shibuya, Tokyo, John Zorn's Cobra will be performed, prompted by Makigami Koichi.   Appearing in this Cobra line-up are Keiji Haino, Sachiko M, Michiyo Yagi, and others.   This will be Haino's first participation in Cobra.  If somebody dubs it, let me know.

May 28, 1999 Update
Website:  Based on comments received, "An Unofficial Keiji Haino Website" is thinking about adding an additional feature to the Reviews Section of the site, which would allow for posting and reading reviews of recent live performances.  If anyone who has attended a recent Haino performance (for example any of the May 1999 shows in France) is interested, send me a review and I will get around to posting it.

May 17, 1999 Update
Expected Release:  The next release on the docket for Haino is a Fushitshusha recording for Paratactile, a label that has previously released "Tohjinbo" by Derek Bailey and the Ruins, and "MASS" by Gary Smith.  The projected release date is Autumn, 1999.

Release available:  "Land of the Rising noise, Volume 3" on Charnel Music is available now.   (For a couple weeks the Charnel website said it was released but no one had it.)  I have seen it through Forced Exposure.  It's much noisier than "Land of the Rising noise, Volume 1".

Website:  The website that has mp3 audio files of unreleased Haino songs from 1979-1981 has posted a new Fushitsusha mp3 from 1981: ten minutes long, 5 MB.   More information is given in the audio section.  The site is here.

May 1, 1999 Update
European Live Dates:  Haino will be performing several shows in France during the month of May.  The shows are Lille, May 11; Bordeaux, May 14; Paris, May 16; and on May 19, Haino + Jean-Francois Pauvros + Francois Causse at Musique Action 99 at Centre Culturel Andre Malraux, Vandoeuvre, Nancy, France.  These appear to be the only scheduled European dates.

April 3, 1999 Update
New Release:  "Land of the Rising Noise, Volume 3" has been released by Charnel Music, according to their website.  The compilation features a live track with Haino playing with a group called, Coa.

March 18, 1999 Update
New Release:  The new Haino/Laswell/Ali release is out on Tzadik.

Website:  "An Unofficial Keiji Haino Website" has a new section.   It is a page where you can read, write, and request reviews of Haino's albums.   You can access the reviews page here .

March 4, 1999 Update
Aihiyo Tour:  The Live Section of the site has posted Haino tour dates for March and April including a dozen or so shows of the Japanese Aihiyo tour.

February 19, 1999 Update
New Release:  Purple Trap, featuring Keiji Haino + Bill Laswell + Rashid Ali, on Tzadik is releasing a recording titled:   Decided... Already The Motionless Heart Of Tranquility, Tangling The Prayer Called "I".  The U.S. release date is March 23, 1999.  Here is Tzadik's blurb on their release:

A new supergroup featuring Haino Keiji, one of the world's most powerful and original guitarist/vocalists, Bill Laswell, contemporary music's most personal and experimental bassists and Rashied Ali, Coltrane alumni and godfather of free jazz drumming.  Haino is pulled kicking and literally screaming to new heights of inspiration by the most dynamic rhythm section he has ever worked with.   Passionate, ear wrenching and exhilaratingly sounds from three of today's most creative and uncompromising musical masters.

Website:  There is a website that has mp3 audio files of unreleased Haino songs from 1980 and 1979.  These three tracks are just stellar.  Check out the site.  More information is given in the audio section (which you will need if you don't read Japanese since the site is in Japanese).  The site is here.

Website:  There is a website that has a bunch of Haino information.   The site is in Japanese and has (1) live dates, (2) some fine cartoons of Haino, and (3) a discussion board, where such topics as whether Haino eats cabbage and what sort of costume he would wear if he were a swimwear model are discussed.  The site is here.  The cartoons are here.   My humble suggestion is to save the cartoons for a day when you are feeling blue, because then they will really cheer you up.  Another Haino cartoon strip is located here.

New Groups:  Two rumors floating around regarding new Haino projects for 1999 are (1)  a group which uses exclusively traditional Japanese instruments (kotos, shamisens etc), and (2)  a trio with the inimitable Merzbow and the esteemed K.K. NULL.  These are rumors only.
January 18, 1999 Update
New Release:  The Keiji Haino + Bill Laswell + Rashid Ali session that was recorded in November of 1998 is going to be released on Tzadik in March, 1999.  The trio is going to release the recording as the group, Purple Trap.  The release will be a double cd.  It may appear in late February, 1999.
New Release:  The Haino/Cohen/Baron cd, "An Unclear Trial: More than this" on Avant has been released in the U.S.  One U.S. distributor is Forced Exposure.
January 12, 1999 Update
New Release:  There is a new book + cd.  The title of the book is "Musiques Japonaise indépendantes des années 90".  The publisher is "Musea Mag France".  The cd compilation is titled, "Japanese Independent Musics".  Haino is featured on one track, "Voice & Electric Percussion".  This book and cd can be picked up from the Musea Recordings Website at: for 160 Francs + 54 Francs postage to the USA.