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In addition to Keiji Haino's prodigious output of officially released recordings, he maintains a full schedule of live performances. In 2004, Haino played 78 lives shows, sometimes two in one night at different venues. (See the posted schedule of 2004 live dates for more details.) Of these shows, the majority were in Tokyo, although Haino also performed in other cities in Japan as well as in Australia, France, Taiwan, The Netherlands, Scotland, Sweden, and Austria during 2004. The venues for these shows include festivals, art galleries, clubs, gyms of former junior high schools, and small holes-in-the-wall with a maximum occupancy of 10 (advance lottery determining seating). The line-up for these live performances also varied considerably. Many of the shows in 2004 were solo shows, featuring Haino on acoustic guitar, electric guitar, hurdy gurdy, flute, various electronics (primitive tone generators and modern air synths), sundry stringed-instruments of Middle-Eastern and Indian ethnicity, a wide range of percussion instruments from a conventional drum set to hand-held cymbals and other percussive noise-makers of unknown origin, and, of course, voice. (While he was in Sweden in August, Haino purchased a nyckelharpa, a Swedish traditional folk instrument that is sort of a cross between a hurdy-gurdy and a fiddle, so expect even more instruments to appear.)

In 2004, Haino also performed in his ensembles, including Fushitsusha (with Yasushi Ozawa), Vajra (with Mikami Kan and Toshiaki Ishizuka), Sanhedrin (with Tatsuya Yoshida of RUINS and Mitsuru Natsuno), Kikuri (with Masami Akita of Merzbow) and Headrush (with Reck of Friction and Pill). In addition to these named ensembles, Haino performed in 2004 with numerous experimental and avant garde musicians in a free music mode. These musicians include some immediately recognizable names such as Otomo Yoshihide, Makigami Koichi, Munehiro Narita of High Rise and Masatake Fujikake of Zeni Geva , as well as more than a dozen others with names familiar mostly to followers of Japanese free music. These musicians accompanied Haino on sitar, drums, guitar, electronics, voice, cello, saxophone, violin, piano, and bass. In August, Haino even played with crickets (yes, the insects).

With such a diverse group of instruments and collaborators, no two Haino shows are alike. Moreover, many of the collaborations have never been documented on official releases. As a result, for those who cannot get enough of Haino through the official releases, there are live shows, and for those outside of Tokyo there are recorded live shows. Haino has always been very tolerant of audience members recording his live performances. Most of these recordings end up as simple cdrs, labeled with markers and slipped in a paper sleeve, passing between ardent (obsessed?) Haino fans in the relatively small live-show trading community.

However, recently a new label, aRCHIVE, has sprung up and has unofficially released a finely packaged document of a Keiji Haino live show. This release (produced in a limited edition of twenty) was never for sale and was given away to Haino & friends in the live-tape trading community. This document contains an epic seven hour performance of Fushitsusha at Hosei University in Tokyo on December 13, 2003. This product features spectacular packaging, such as has never before been seen on a bootleg recording. It is simply a celebration of Haino's music crafted by several individuals who have long had a great interest in the music.

Keiji Haino (vocals, guitar)
Yasushi Ozawa (bass)
Venue:   Hosei University, Tokyo, Iidebashi
Date:   December 13, 2003
sound quality:   excellent, digital
comments:   numbered limited edition of twenty
label:   Tequila Sunrise/aRCHIVE
catalog number:   Tequila Sunrise 6-12/aRCHIVE 1-6
format:   6xcd
    disc one of six
  1. (39:40)
  2. (04:18)
  3. (20:36)
  4. (06:10)

  5. disc two of six
  6. (18:55)
  7. (08:43)
  8. (20:14)
  9. (19:00)

  10. disc three of six
  11. (12:10)
  12. (23:19)
  13. (10:31)
  14. (09:04)
  15. (17:56)

  16. disc four of six
  17. (29:54)
  18. (39:31)

  19. disc five of six
  20. (12:48)
  21. (16:45)
  22. (32:57)

  23. disc six of six
  24. (15:23)
  25. (17:00)
  26. (14:05)
  27. (06:28)
  28. (12:45)

clothbound box

textured paper sleeves with embossed print (front)

textured paper sleeves with embossed print (back)

disc with embossed print


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