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An Unofficial Keiji Haino Homepage

December 30, 2013 (Monday)
End of the Year All-Nighter
First Set: Hardy Soul
(Haino's new band covering R&B/Soul classics as well as Haino's songs.)
Second Set: Keiji Haino Solo

Keiji Haino (vo,g)
Masami Kawaguchi (g, b)
Taiga Yamazaki (g)
Rie Miyazaki (b)
Masataka Fujikake (ds)
venue: Koenji Show Boat, Tokyo, Japan

Set List from First Set:
1. Land Of A Thousand Dances (Wilson Pickett)
2. When A Man Loves A Woman (Percy Sledge)
3. In The Midnight Hour (Wilson Pickett)
4. Lucille (Little Richard)
5. Tin Soldier (Small Faces?)
6. Gimme Some Lovin' (instrumental - Spencer Davis Group)
7. There (Acchi)
8. A Code (Ango)
9. You (Omae)

photos by Takeshi Goda

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