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Monday, August 25, 2014
"Keiji Haino's Black Music Salon - From the Roar to the Silence"
Keiji Haino (lecture)
Muse Music Academy, Tokyo, JAPAN

Lecture description courtesy of Mr. Takeshi Goda:

For the lecture, Haino selected 10 discs which were/are important in his musical life so far. The lecture was 2 hours long, navigated by a music journalist ,Shinya Matsumura. Haino's selections included
  1. The Beatles / Eight Days A Week (1964)
  2. Doors / Strange Days (1967)
  3. Third Ear Band / Alchemy (1969)
  4. Olivier Messiaen / Quatuor pour la fin du Temps
  5. Thomas Binkley / Chansons der Trubadours
  6. PIANO MUSIC OF ERIK SATIE performed by Jacques Février
  7. Korean social and folk music recorded by John Levy (1964)
  8. Silver Apples / Silver Apples (1968)
  9. The Nightcrawlers / The Little Black Egg (1967)
  10. The Jimmy Giuffre 3 / Trav'lin' Light (1958)

Haino related detailed episodes for each record, most of which were based on his personal memories. Therefore, please don't regard the above list as Haino's absolute all time favorites or recommendations.

Photos of the lecture and record covers are provided below, except for #4. The cover for #4 is not available. Haino found this LP in the discount box at record store and bought it as he was interested in the artwork. The LP was one of the anonymous cheap reissue series of classical music, which featured existing painting from a kind of art archive. When he listened to the record without any expectation, he was impressed with the music of Messiaen. He said this LP was the entrance for his interest into modern music. This seems to be one of the good examples of Haino's personal episodes/memories.

photos by Takeshi Goda

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