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May 17, 2013
Keiji Haino & Maki Miura (g / ex-Fushitsusha, ex-Les Rallizes Denudes)
"Tribute to Sami"
Kunitachi Chikyu-ya , Friday, May 17th 2013
*Sami was a drummer of Les Rallizes Denudes in 70's, and had performed with Haino several times in 00's as a trio Haino (vo.g) + Doronco (b) + Sammy (ds). Sami's real name was Toshiro Mimaki. He died in this January. This show was memorial concert. Other performers were Los Doroncos (led by Doronco), LAPIZ TRIO, Yoshino Trans+Masami Kawaguchi(ex-Aihiyo) & Laliha project.
photos by Takeshi Goda

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