The Poison Pie Publishing House presents:

The Implacable Absence
A Non-Idiomatic Improvisational Duet
Henry E. Gorton & David J. Keffer
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A Closing

Lastly to the Man of the Mushroom People, the Deadly Galerina, now at the very end of its strength, spoke, “Though I have thoroughly examined every corner of it, your mind is unreadable to me. I do not know your wish for you do not know your own mind.”

The endless gloom of the World of the Dead encompassed Poison Pie, though he did not cower. If doubt crept across his swarthy face, it was hidden by shadow. Glancing apologetically at the faerie hovering beside him, Poison Pie smiled. “My wish is that Princess Pie now be returned to the Court of Faerie, for, as always, I do not desire that my ways be known.”

The Deadly Galerina immediately granted this wish.

Princess Pie instantly vanished from the World of the Dead and appeared, most perturbed, at the bottom of the stone steps leading into the Halls of the Seelie Court, deep in the heart of Faerie. Although her story was incomplete, inasmuch as she was unable to provide the details of the fate of Poison Pie and Tchict’Ict in the World of the Dead, her tale did cause much astonishment in the court and was long discussed by tongues, profound and petty, in the years to come.

Since our source for this story is the historical archives of the Seelie Court, as recorded in ages past by the skald, Princess Pie, we cannot tell you, Gentle Reader, (although it will most assuredly aggrieve you) what came next for our hero, Poison Pie, and his loyal companion, Tchict’Ict, which, of course, is only a manifestation of the promulgation of uncertainty, exactly as was intended.

July 5, 2014

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