RPG Resources from the Poison Pie Publishing House.

In addition to publishing novels and illustrated books in paperback and electronic formats for sale, the Poison Pie Publishing House also produces a range of freely available products. This page highlights some of the role-playing game (RPG) resources created by the Poison Pie Publishing House. These resources include



fantasy role-playing modules


  • A Bride for Chubbernut (2015)
    A module containing sixteen light-hearted delves for role-players, young and old, in which the party travels as guard to Chubbernut, a bullywug crown prince, who refuses to marry for political alliance and insists that he will only wed his true love, as he seeks to discover the meaning of love by completing tasks assigned to him by the legendary matchmaker and oracle, Joëlle.


  • Numismatists of the Great Wheel (2014)
    An all new module, set in the Planescape multiverse, providing a means by which the party can acquire the ten alignment coins minted by the Rare Elements Team at Osborne Coinage. This is the third module of the Rare Elements Trilogy.




Character Sheets and Histories


The number of RPG characters created by the staff of the Poison Pie Publishing House grew to such a number that they were moved to a separate page.



Magic Items


  • Deck of Complementary Couples (Fortune Telling Deck) (2014-5)
    This deck of 18 divination cards can be laid out in a variety of manners, including according to the Harrowing rules in Pathfinder. Each card has assigned to it an alignment and an ability. A set of cards may be constructed of 9 cards, representing one of each alignment.


  • Elemental Weapons of Ongpakob (2015)
    An elemental infuser is a magical device capable of infusing an existing weapon with an elemental power. The characteristics of the various weapons that can be created from this process, developed by the elementalist Ongpakob are described in this document.


  • Arborists of the Great Wheel (2014)
    This idea began with a set of eight wands, each wrought from a different species of tree. It was originally intended to become an RPG module, along the lines of the Numismatists of the Great Wheel, in which the party hunted down a set of wands rather than a set of coins. There proved too much duplication in this idea. It eventually, of its own accord, transformed into the novel, The Augur in the Arbor Inn, in which the wands disappeared from the story but the trees remained.


  • The Portable Library of Hong Samud (2015)
    This idea began as a description of a magical item, a portable library that a bibliophile could use to carry about a great many books in one's pocket. There proved too much life in this idea for it to be confined to a small document about an inanimate object. It eventually, of its own accord, transformed into the novel, The Portable Library of Hong Samud.





  • Planescape Books, Posters & Adventures (1994-7)
    Planescape was the Extraplanar Campaign Setting of Second Edition Dungeons & Dragons that set the bar for building role-playing universes with history, depth, color and character. This link contains a gallery of published books, posters and adventures listed by plane.


  • Pathfinder Adventure Paths (2007-present)
    Beginning in August, 2007, Paizo Publishing has released Pathfinder Adventure Paths monthly. Here is a gallery of covers. More content is planned.


  • Eberron Book Gallery (June, 2004-July, 2009)
    Eberron was a campaign setting in the 3.5th and 4th edition of Dungeons & Dragons. Here is a gallery of book covers.






  • List of Races, Classes, Paragon Paths & Epic Destinies
    The races, classes, paragon paths and epic destinies of the Fourth Edition of Dungeons & Dragons (2008-2014) is scattered across many books. These pages compile a complete listing and organize them with citation to the book and page number in which they appear.