Character Sheets: Anthropomorphic Aquatic Party (September, 2017)

This page contain character sheets for eight adventurers, created by the staff of the Poison Pie Publishing House, for the Pathfinder role-playing game. This party features classes from the Pathfinder Core Rulebook, Advanced Class Guide, Advanced Player's Guide and the Poison Pie Publishing House Librarian. This party features races from the Pathfinder-compatible Cerulean Seas: Beasts of the Boundless Blue by Alluria Publishing.

Character Sheets: (in pdf format)

Note: These character sheets are non-editable print-outs of the excellent, editable character sheets (developed by Neceros, modified by Version 1.0.2012) and available at Common Room Games.

Note: There are a variety of other RPG resources available from the Poison Pie Publishing House here.