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January 1, 2018
2017: The Year in Review at the Poison Pie Publishing House
In the year 2017, the staff of the Poison Pie Publishing House produced three books: two novels and one illustrated grimoire.

2017: The Year of the Every-Day Magician, subtitled A Second-Hand Account of the Rise and Fall of the Renegades of the American Muslim Registry was recorded in real time. It is a post-existential fantasy generated through a non-idiomatic improvisational creative process. It was serially published on a daily basis in 2017, resulting in a novel composed of 365 passages each nominally three hundred words in length. The full text of the novel remains online via free, anonymous access.

The novel follows two neighborhood boys, Oscar and Omar. Oscar is a member of a white working class family, whose fortunes are in decline. Omar is the son of first-generation immigrants, professionals from Iran. These two boys navigate a friendship in the social landscape reflecting in real-time the political events of 2017 and the social tensions created by the current president and his policies.

Much of the inspiration behind a literature of non-idiomatic improvisation comes from non-idiomatic improvised music. The novel was improvised in the following manner. The author wrote a passage each day while listening to a different album. For the curious, several indices were generated, noting the artists, labels, countries and years of the recordings. The page numbers in the index correspond to a book, which currently does not exist, in which each page contains the writing from a single day of the year. Thus an entry of "1" in the index corresponds to January 1, 2017 and an entry of "365" corresponds to December 21, 2017. The index is posted as a pdf file here.

An Ornithological Grimoire of East Tennessee is a book of spells derived from birds dwelling in East Tennessee, illustrated in felt, featuring bird-themed finger puppets designed by Ms. Ruth Marie Keffer. More information on this book can be found here. A full-color, perfect-bound paperback version of the book is available from lulu.com.


The Ornithological Collection of Uwetsiageyv is a flight of fancy in two hundred and one parts, in which a girl, orphaned by crows, explores the various islands of the Sea of Birds with the intention of populating a library of her own design entirely with bird-shaped books. It is a post-existential fantasy generated through a non-idiomatic improvisational creative process from March 16, 2016 to December 21, 2016 in Knoxville, Tennessee. At the beginning of 2017, a private printing of a limited hardcover edition was produced. The author reputedly sold not a single copy of this lovely, little novel, opting instead to give them all away exclusively to people who had not asked for them.

Also of note in 2017, An International Journal of Exploratory Meta-Living published two interviews, one with the American pedal steel guitarist, Ms. Susan Alcorn and one with the new Editor-in-Chief of the journal, Ms. Hebeloma Crustuliniforme.

The staff of the Poison Pie Publishing House is no longer setting annual goals. Even with this much lower standard, namely thinking, idly if possible, about potential activities in the following year, we are somewhat dismayed to report that they have nothing to offer as to what they might do with the next year.

To our readers, we, the staff of the Poison Pie Publishing House, thank you for your patronage and support and we look forward to another mutually creative and unpredictable year.


December 28, 2017
Twelve Sides of Vinyl from Derek Bailey
Unexpectedly (at least to the staff of the Poison Pie Publishing House) three lps originally released in the 1970's and 1980's on the Incus label have been reissued, each with an additional lp containing unreleased material. We briefly discuss the reissues in this review.

All three reissues feature the British non-idiomatic improvisational guitarist, Derek Bailey (January 29, 1930 - December 25, 2005) either solo or in duos with the American saxophonist, Anthony Braxton (born June 4, 1945), and Dutch drummer, Han Bennink (born April 17, 1942). Of the twelve sides of music, seven have been previously released and five are previously unreleased. There is a special joy in unanticipated delights at year's end.

As a matter of coincidence, the on-going novel, serially published on a daily basis at the Poison Pie Publishing House, 2017: The Year of the Every-Day Magician, A Second-Hand Account of the Rise and Fall of the Renegades of the American Muslim Registry, has associated with each daily passage a piece of music, to which the author listened during the creative process. For the month of December, the author chose to listen to releases by Derek Bailey, with each day featuring a different collaborator or ensemble. (The particular details of each piece of music are noted after the passage.)


December 16, 2017
Ten Excellent Records of 2017
In 2017, the staff of the Poison Pie Publishing House made a concerted effort to investigate music as it was released, as opposed to indulging in a predisposition to mine troves of music many decades old. In this review, they highlight ten exciting records containing various strains of non-idiomatic improvisation released in 2017.



December 15, 2017
Roy Poonawala - Classmates EP
Roy Poonawala released his debut record, the Classmates EP, on November 30, 2017. The release is available via bandcamp. The EP collects the hit single Cool Kids Club featuring Nina. More details of the release are available at the discogs.com entry. If one wonders whether this Poonawala bears any relation to Ms. M. Poonawala, whose work is featured in the Experimental Laboratory of Symbology and the associated Experimental Cemetery of Symbology housed within the recesses of the gallery of the Poison Pie Publishing House, wonder no longer. Our sources confirm that such a relation exists.


December 9, 2017
The Music of Keiji Haino in the Year 2017
In the calendar year of 2017, eleven recordings were released or reissued, which included some contribution from Keiji Haino. In this review, all eleven contributions to the Haino discography are examined collectively. By our own reckoning, the media on which these releases appeared included: lp (2), lp with digital download (3), lpx2 (1), lpx2 with digital download (1), cd (1), cdx2 (1), book with cd (1) and dvd (1). These releases were issued by labels based in the following countries: Japan (4), the United States (3), Australia (1), Belgium (1), France (1), Germany (1) and the United Kingdom (1). [Link to review.]


December 2, 2017
A ghru from the Ninth World Bestiary 2 of Numenéra.
Bestiaries of 2017
With the arrival of December, the staff of the Poison Pie Publishing House would like to share some favorite books and music that they have encountered over the course of the year. They begin today with a discussion of several bestiaries published in the calendar year 2017, then deviate from their assignment and discuss two related books, which they thoroughly enjoyed: Underworld Races & Classes (Adventure-A-Week Games) and Cerulean Seas: Beasts of the Boundless Blue (Alluria Publishing). [Link to review.]



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