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March 16, 2017
Marcus Aurelius
Today we feature a quote from the Roman Emperor, Marcus Aurelius (April 26, 121 - March 17, 180 AD).

Everything which is in any way beautiful is beautiful in itself, and terminates in itself, not having praise as part of itself. Neither worse then nor better is a thing made by being praised. I affirm this also of the things which are called beautiful by the vulgar, for example, material things and works of art. That which is really beautiful has no need of anything; not more than law, not more than truth, not more than benevolence or modesty. Which of these things is beautiful because it is praised, or spoiled by being blamed? Is such a thing as an emerald made worse than it was, if it is not praised? Or gold, ivory, purple, a lyre, a little knife, a flower, a shrub?

--Marcus Aurelius, from Meditations, Book IV, written 161-180 AD, translated by George Long.


March 10, 2017
New Issue of the International Journal of Exploratory Meta-Living
The International Journal of Exploratory Meta-Living has published a commentary on the changing perception of Sisyphus and the futility that he represents. It focuses on how the human institutions of our modern society have created a new interpretation of Sisyphus. It seems especially relevant in this current climate of corporate efficiency and political partisanship. As always, the content of this issue and all previous issues from IJEML is available via free, anonymous download.


February 19, 2017
Cherry Laurel Sound-Effects
The lone cherry laurel located on the boulevard, where the Poison Pie Publishing House sits, is the first tree to bloom in the spring. We approached it to admire the blossoms and were soon encompassed by the buzz of activity of numerous other creatures already drawn to the attraction.


February 16, 2017
Daffodils in February
The staff of the Poison Pie Publishing House discovered three daffodils along the front of the house. These flowers were planted by the previous occupant of the building but have continued to appear each year over the course of more than a decade. These flowers can be considered a resilient gift from someone we knew only briefly and then in a transactional way.


February 10, 2017
Penumbral Lunar Eclipse
The staff of the Poison Pie Publishing House ventured outside this February evening to observe a penumbral lunar eclipse. Those among us with a taste for the brash found this celestial phenomena to be a rather understated affair. This photo was taken from Knoxville, Tennessee at about 7:44 PM, near the height of the action.


January 1, 2017 - present
2017: The Year of the Every-Day Magician Begins
An experiment in the literature of non-idiomatic improvisation, a novel titled, 2017: The Year of the Every-Day Magician, is begun today. It will consist of 365 short passages, one composed for each day of the year. The writing will appear on the same day as it is generated at this location. Interested readers are encouraged to bookmark the location and establish a routine in which they check back daily. Since it has not yet been written, at this point we can, of course, say no more about the nature of the work, since it remains fluid and ambiguous.


January 1, 2017
2016: The Year in Review at the Poison Pie Publishing House
As noted in the previous End-of-the-Year Report for 2015, the staff of the Poison Pie Publishing House was mortified to discover that they had achieved all of their goals set forth for the year. They resolved to not be so productive (a bourgeois virtue if ever there was one) in 2016. Accordingly, only two modest goals were set for the upcoming year: the publication of a new post-existential fantasy generated through a non-idiomatic improvisational creative process, The Portable Library of Hong Samud and an illustrated book based on the work being conducted by Miss Ruth Marie Keffer in the experimental laboratory.

It is with no small degree of pride that we report utter failure on both counts! Neither book was published. The editors at the Poison Pie Publishing House (PPPH) decided The Portable Library of Hong Samud possessed too many virtues to submit to the indignities of what the PPPH claims to call the publication process. Thus, after careful editing, it was privately printed in a very limited edition and then made immediately unavailable. A few copies were given away. To emphasize the uselessness of the endeavor, they did not even claim these business expenses as a tax-deductible loss. As for the promised illustrated book, while substantial progress was made on the illustrations, their in-house writer of non-idiomatic improvisation utterly refused to participate in the process, claiming his attentions were solely devoted to another project (only recently completed) The Ornithological Collection of Uwetsiageyv. Thus this illustrated project remains in limbo.

So what, if anything, was accomplished by the PPPH staff during the long year of 2016? Well, funny you should ask. We note five items below.

The staff of the Poison Pie Publishing House is no longer setting annual goals. Here they aspire to a much lower standard, namely thinking, idly if possible, about potential activities in the following year. A variation on the non-idiomatic improvisational process is under way, titled 2017: The Year of the Every-Day Magician. This manuscript shall be posted to this blog as each piece is written. We also remain optimistic that the work of Miss Ruth Marie Keffer in the experimental laboratory may lead to an illustrated book in 2017. We have, of course, high hopes.

To our readers, we, the staff of the Poison Pie Publishing House, thank you for your patronage and support and we look forward to another mutually creative and unpredictable year.



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