Bus Stop Art Show: The Minotaur

This page features artwork from the street artist, Ms. Julia K. Keffer of Phoenix, Arizona. The Minotaur has some relevance to several works published by the Poison Pie Publishing House in recent years. The musical score, Hebeloma's Swamp Fantasy Overture, serially published on a daily basis in 2021, follows Periboea, one of the maidens offered to the minotaur, after she escapes from the labyrinth. The existential threat of the Minotaur is also a central theme in the horoscopes presented in The Oracle of Hebeloma. Finally, several of the sacrificial victims of the Minotaur are described in the novel, Piecemeal: Proceedings of the International Congress on Exploratory Meta-Living, serially published on the blog of the Poison Pie Publishing House on a daily basis in 2018.


July 20, 2021
The Minotaur



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