Exploratory Illustrations for Hebeloma's Swamp Fantasy Overture (2021)
Julia K. Keffer of Bus Stop Art Show

This page features artwork from the street artist, Ms. Julia K. Keffer of Phoenix, Arizona. These works are exploratory illustrations for the musical score, Hebeloma's Swamp Fantasy Overture, which is being serially published on a daily basis in 2021 on the blog of the Poison Pie Publishing House. Hebeloma's Swamp Fantasy Overture recounts the adventure of Periboea, one of the maidens offered to the minotaur by King Minos, immediately after she escaped from the labyrinth.


A fugitive from King Minos, Periboea found refuge in a swamp, avoided by civilized folk because of the beast that resided within its borders.


Scenes from Periboea's entrance into the swamp.


Periboea followed the custodian of the swamp to his home.


The beast of the swamp wallowed deep in the mire, its physical presence remaining out of sight of the narrative.


Periboea fell in a pit and barely escaped drowning.


A portrait of Periboea.


An alternative representation of the custodian of the swamp.


A portrait of the faerie princess.


Periboea encountered an oracle dwelling in the swamp.


Periboea also met the oracle's first paramour.


Periboea spent considerable time wandering alone in the swamp, sometimes intentionally...


And sometimes her protracted excursions were due simply to the fact that she had lost her bearings.


The custodian had numerous closets scattered through-out the swamp where he could find a handy mop and bucket.


An alternate perspective of Periboea among the inhabitants of the swamp.


The swamp beast lurks ever on her mind.


Periboea, daughter of Alcathous.


Parting Notes:
The staff of the Poison Pie Publishing House expects that some realization of these illustrations will eventually appear as chapter headings on both the electronic and paper editions of Hebeloma's Swamp Fantasy Overture, once the writing and the complementary artwork is complete.


This page represents selections from one instance of the Bus Stop Art Show. The main page of the Bus Stop Art Show at the Poison Pie Publishing House is here.